Property list

Riverside Homes

Fort Street, Hamilton OH

Hamilton / Glenbrook

Various Sites in Hamilton, OH

Jackson Bosch

Petty Drive, Hamilton, OH

Concord Green

Concord Avenue, Middletown, OH

Midtonia Village

S. Sutphin & Easton, Middletown OH

The Townhouse

600 N. Verity Pkwy, Middletown OH

Petty Plaza

115 Knapp Drive, Hamilton, OH

John Ross Hunt Tower

112 S. Clinton Street, Middletown OH

Townhomes West

1820 S. Main St, Middletown OH

Townhomes East

18th and Minnesota, Middletown OH

Reuben Doty Estates

Various Sites in Middletown OH

Middletown Estates

Various Sites in Middletown OH

Henry Long Tower

150 South B. St., Hamilton OH

Winding Creek

Knapp Drive, Hamilton OH

Dayton Lane Gardens

122 N. Sixth St., Hamilton OH

Thornhill Subdivision

Thornhill & Olympus Dr., Hamilton OH

Freedom Court

Freedom Court, Middletown OH