What Does the Family Do?

The family has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the PHA with complete and accurate information as determined by the PHA to be necessary for administration of the program;
  • Make good efforts to locate qualified and suitable housing;
  • Attend all appointments scheduled by PHA;
  • Allow the PHA to inspect the unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice;
  • Take the responsibility for care of the housing unit, including any violations of housing quality standards caused by the family;
  • Comply with the terms of the lease with the owner;
  • Comply with the family obligations of the voucher;
  • Not commit serious or repeated violations of the lease;
  • Not engage in drug-related or violent criminal activity;
  • Notify the PHA and the owner before moving or terminating the lease;
  • Use the assistance unit only for residence and as the sole residence of the family.  Not sublet the unit, assign or lease, or have any interest in the unit;
  • Promptly notify the PHA of any changes in family composition;
  • Not commit fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any housing programs.